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Criminal Law

Being involved in a criminal investigation or charged with a criminal offence can have a severe impact on an individual’s life, livelihood and surrounding family.

Civil Litigation

We are dedicated to resolving disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We do this by embarking on alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and vigorous negotiation.

Commercial Law

Our commercial law department services corporate and non-corporate entities, including not-for-profit organisations.

Property & Conveyancing

We regularly act for and advise clients involved in commercial as well as residential based property transactions.

Family Law

Dealing with a family law related issue can be an overwhelming experience for those involved. It is often worse when the issue spills into court.


The Firm was founded by two lawyers who share a longstanding academic and professional acquaintance – Muhammad Tehseldar & Baraa Saddiq

With a team of highly trained lawyers and legal support staff, we continue to deliver innovative and strategic solutions, with a level of service that is parallel to no other in areas across:
criminal law – civil litigation – commercial law – property & conveyancing – family law

Our clients range from individual capacities requiring assistance with their day to day legal affairs, through to large corporate entities recognised both nationally and abroad.



Muhammad Tehseldar

Having previously worked in a leading multinational firm, Muhammad now applies a wealth of industry experience and knowledge in a reputable legal setting.

Muhammad advises and represents both individuals and corporations faced with legal complexities in various areas of the law, and in multiple jurisdictions including New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Muhammad continues to work closely with some of the country’s most senior barristers and panels of experts on matters sparking political interest and national coverage.

As an executive member of the Rahma Association Incorporated, a not-for-profit organisation, Muhammad works alongside various community leaders advising on and implementing solutions to deal with issues affecting mainstream youth, such as social cohesion.

0406 788 869

Baraa Saddiq

As a court transcriber during his early years, Baraa acquired the unique opportunity to participate in, contribute to and observe the legal justice system, first-hand.

He also volunteered at the Aboriginal Legal Service where he served and assisted those of socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Continuing to pursue his passion of the law and justice, Baraa’s highest attributes were crystallised under the direct guidance of a prominent senior advocate and former police prosecutor and detective.

Baraa has undertaken work in notable cases at all levels – the Local Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court of Australia.

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Initial Consultation is strictly confidential and obligation free.

Finding comfort in your legal representative is important and should be done so without a financial burden.

This is why our initial consultation is obligation free and maintained with strict confidence – to give you the opportunity to meet us so that you may make an informed decision, before committing.

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